We develop Instagram Masks for 5 days!
How Does it Work?
You make a request, we contact you.
We discuss concept with you.
You pay $500 / mask. This price is only for small brands or persons.
We develop your mask. We need from 3 to 5 days!
We will hand you your masks. It will be best result for you and you can't make edits
Make MASK right now!
We have helped dozens of European companies to become better
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AR Games
One of the interesting case using AR is games.
We developed AR game who calls Space Blasterds. This is amazing AR shooter.

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AR for e-com
Our team knows how to increase conversion and reduce returns using augmented reality technology. After all, we developed the platform of the same name Faradise. The buyer can try on your product before the purchase.
We can develop a similar solution especially for you!

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AR Heroes
Your own character comes to life. We can develop the most real heroes who will come to life with the help of augmented reality technology. The character can play games with the user, conduct excursions and collect feedback!

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AR coloring book
How to interest a child? Color pencils and coloring - pictures take on colors from a child's imagination. As soon as he points the camera of the smartphone on the paint, the characters come to life in the colors that he gave them.

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AR Quests
For an event in the Skolkovo innovation center dedicated to blockchain and bitcoin, our team realized a real quest using augmented reality technology.
The user had to collect all the coins on the territory of the festival. The winner receives prizes from the organizers.

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Концерты с дополненной реальностью
WOW! This is the only phrase that visitors to the concert will say where augmented reality will be used. Today, it's not enough just super lighting and a concert program. We will add a real wow effect and make the concert a real show!

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Instagram masks and AR games
Today, masks of brands and games in augmented reality with the help of Instagram are gaining great popularity. We can do it.

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AR Merch
How to make your merchandise or packaging interactive? Using AR technology. A real miracle awaits your client when he points his smartphone camera at the product.

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